Hello to you !

If you've loaded this page, it's because you've downloaded the Tribuke dedicated to the biggest rock'n'roll band of all time: The Cramps, by the enigmatic Kaptain Bigg!


As promised, you're here to collect the bonuses.


After following the instructions, you’ll have access:


- 5 more tracks per album, 10 more songs!

- to all the instrumentals of the 30 titles

- to a songbook with ukulele lyrics and chords

- all the visuals of the song titles in order to print you awsome t-shirts (Adobe Illustrator CC)

- HD CD cover

- And other cool stuff! ...


For first, many thanks for downloading this album, we hope you like it and thank you for will taking a little bit of your time to recover the bonuses. Don’t worries, at no time we’ll ask you for money or to deliver us any information of you, this procedure’s made only to help artist to better publicize his creations to a biggest audience.

1. Choose one (or more) social networks where the Kaptain Bigg is present:




2. Subscribe to his page, his channel or register to the forum

3. Send him a message, by private messaging, comment or even by email, this following message: "We are cramped !" (As well as anything you would like to tell to him)

4. In return, you’ll receive a reply with a password

5. All you have to do is go to this page, type the password and you’ll have access to the bonuses!

6. All for FREE!

It's not complicated, it's not long and finally it will please everyone!


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